Coronavirus: The rise of Fashionable and stylish facemasks

With the emergence of the global coronavirus pandemic, the facemask has become one of the essential items needed to help keep the infection rate in check. With this rise of masks as important PPEs for non-essential citizens and workers, most face mask making industries and tailors alike have had a chance to add an aesthetic sense and personal touch to the protective gear. The new norm of covering our faces doesn’t mean that we wear plain and dull masks; instead, fashion brands have stepped into designing stylish, colorful, fashionable, and printed facemask. This article covers the rise of fashionable and stylish facemasks by rounding up some of the market’s fashionable facemasks.

1. Masksup Camo Mask

Made by Masksup, this is a breathable and ultra-lightweight facemask that averts pollen, dust, and other airborne and microscopic particles from getting into your mouth and nose. One can choose from various designs that the mask comes in, with the camo print design looking stylish. The mask has been tested and offers 99% protection to particles of upto0.1µm. The mask can be washed and recycled for up to 60 ties without compromising the protective properties. It is made using environmentally friendly latex that is both gentle and soft to the face.

2. O’Neill Fashion Face Mask

The surf brand O’Neil came up with a facemask line that drew motivation from its characteristic board’s short designs. The mask has flexible elastic straps around the ear and is generally made from soft microfiber material. The O’Neill Fashion Face Mask is very comfortable for the wearer and can be washed easily.

3. PopSockets Indigo Face Mask

PopSockets, the brand known for manufacturing phone stands and grips, has now added a branch that manufactures facemasks. Featuring a 2.5 activated carbon filter, the Pop Sockets Indigo Face Mask is a stylish washable and reusable face mask. The company also engages in charity, and 10% of each sale of the face mask goes to Doctors without borders.

stylish upgrade

4. Amade Washable 2-Layer Reversible Mask

This mask is made in the USA by Taylor swift and, when worn, looks like a coy cardigan. It also ensures one is comfortable, having been made with an airy cotton blend ensuring breathability. It is a reversible mask featuring a classic design knit on one side, with the other side having a solid color. The mask softens over time and can be washed by a machine.

5. Bugatchi Face Mask

Bugatchi is famous for making fine men’s shirts, and they have made the Bugatchi Face Mask palm print that draws inspiration from their resort wear collection. It is treated with Silvadur 930 antimicrobial coating. It has comfortable ear straps with a stretchy feel and a filter slot. This fashionable facemask will give you a perfect upgrade from the basic cloth mask that you are using.

6. Brave New Look “Artist Hall of Fame” Mask

This facemask is inspired by Mondrian’s iconic painting and has a good printed look. Brave New Look “Artist Hall of Fame” Mask offers both masks for children and adults. Each of the masks features a PM2.5 filter that filters and traps liquid droplets and other harmful particles. The masks are machine-washable, and it is recommended that one changes the filter after a week of use.

7. Brixton Antimicrobial Face Mask

This mask from Brixton is a stylish upgrade from your essential black mask. The renowned skate brand adds to this protective mask a little tweed-like texture. The mask is made from a blend of polyester hemp and cotton and has an antimicrobial coating. For those who want a more stylish and adventurous design, the company offers the leopard print.

8. Lost + Wander Face Coverings

This is a super lightweight mask by the Lost+Wander and a unisex mask made of linen and cotton. The mask fits your face gently without irritation to the skin. This mask should only be washed by hand.

9. SMRTFT Sports Masks

This is one of the stylish and most comfortable face masks on the market. It is made from a flexible and comfortable fabric that makes it the perfect choice for outdoor jogs and workouts. The mask slides above your neck like a scarf, and you are then able to pull the fabric over your nose to wear the mask. The mask blocks up to 99% of ultrafine dust particles and can be washed several times without losing its protective properties and shape.

In conclusion, with the new coronavirus norm, your mask doesn’t have to be that official. Instead, you can always buy a stylish and fashionable mask. You can always look for fashion stores reviews at UK ReviewsBird to find reputable sites to purchase fashionable and stylish masks. Sites such as El Corte Ingles can also prove handy.

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The Benefits of Wearing Waist Trainers

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