Bunk Bed Storage and Kids’ Room Ideas

Bunk beds will never go out of fashion with children. When we were kids, we loved our bunk beds. It was an adventure playing in our room, with our bunk beds part of the fun. As parents, bunk beds allow for more floor space in rooms and allow for some very cool storage and floorspace setups.

Does your child have an awesome bunk? Are they using the bottom bunk? Can you switch and change up the bunk bed design so that you can use the bottom space for more toys? It makes for a great way for kids to play and display their top three ultimate toys.

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Bunk bed ideas come in all forms and varieties. There is literally no restriction on the use of the bunk bed space. We encourage you to use your imagination and create awesome bedroom designs with bunk beds.

Idea 1: Under-Bed Storage

The under-bed area of the bunk bed can use utilized in many ways. By building cupboards, shelving, drawers, or a table, you can convert that space into a multi-use area where the child can play, learn, and create their own space for their needs. By creating such a nook, the child can enjoy their reading, crafts, art, and more in the comfort of their own room. What’s more, kids can store their toys in the available spaces to make for easy-to-reach and easy-to-clean areas.

Idea 2: Built-In Shelving

By changing the layout of the beds, spaces can be created for built-in shelving. These can utilized for books, toys, dolls, action figures, arts and crafts, lamps, fish tank, and more.

Idea 3: Age-Appropriate Design

For age-appropriate bunk bed and room designs, you can create a room theme with the bunk beds playing an integral role. A nautical theme might have the bunk beds serve as layers of a boat, for instance.

Idea 4: Bunk For One Child

You may have only one child, and a bunk bed will serve fantastically as a way to create more space for playing and sleep. The options for this could be that one of the beds is transformed into a playspace instead of a bed. This area might have pillows and a soft mattress to serve as a daybed of sorts, but it can design in such a way that it is a doll house or something as creative as a horse stable for their horse-shaped dolls, for example.

Idea 5: Ladders

Bunk beds require a ladder for children to move from the top bunk to the floor, and vice versa. Integrating ladders into the design of the room will not set them out as awkward. The ladder could serve a dual purpose: a ladder and shelving, too.